Psycodiagnostics & Psychotherapies

Psycodiagnostics & Psychotherapies

Why Psychological Testing is Required

    Psychological testing — also called psychological assessment — is the foundation of how psychologists better understand a person and their behavior. It is a process of problem solving for many professionals — to try and determine the core components of a person’s psychological or mental health problems, personality, IQ, or some other component. It is also a process that helps identifies not just weaknesses of a person, but also their strengths. Psychological testing is not a single test or even a single type of test. It encompasses a dozens of research-backed tests and procedures of assessing specific aspects of a person’s psychological makeup. Some tests are used to determine IQ, others are used for personality, and still others for something else.

    Psychological tests offer a formal way to measure traits, feelings, beliefs and abilities that can lead to people's problems. Some tests assess the presence of certain conditions, such as depression, anxiety, anger control or susceptibility to stress. Other tests measure general well being and provide an overall picture of a person's personality. A psychological testing is a standardized situation in which a person’s behavior is sampled, observed and described.

    Upon a referral for psychological testing, one should recognize that the intent is to gain a deeper, more complete understanding of the problem. Such a referral does not mean that the problem is particularly serious, difficult to understand or complex. It just means that additional information is needed before designing the best approach to address the problem. “The practice of psychiatry without the assistance of modern psychological testing is as old-fashioned and out-of-date as would be the practice of orthopedics without the X-ray.” Few tests named are as -

    Adult ADD Screening Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with adult attention deficit disorder(ADHD/ADD).
  • Anxiety Screening Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with an anxiety disorder, such as panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Autism/Asperger's Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with an autism spectrum disorder, such as autism or Asperger's.
  • Bipolar Screening Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression.
  • Depression Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with depression, and to track your depressive feelings over time.
  • Mania Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with a manic episode (or mania, a part of bipolar disorder), and to track your manic feelings over time. Also, consider taking theBipolar Screening Quiz.
  • Eating Disorder Screening Test
  • A quick, 5-question screen for helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with an eating disorder, such as anorexiaor bulimia.
  • OCD Screening Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with adult obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • PTSD Screening Quiz for Child Injury
  • For helping to determine whether you or your child have symptoms commonly associated withposttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Schizophrenia Screening Test
  • For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with schizophrenia.
  • Adult Behaviour Checklist Analyse Yourself

    Read the following checklist carefully and mark your answers in "Yes" or "No".
    01. I get along badly with my family Yes No
    02. I accidently get hurt a lot Yes No
    03. I am impulsive or act without thinking Yes No
    04. I am mean to others Yes No
    05. I am nervous or tense Yes No
    06. I am self conscious and easily embarrassed Yes No
    07. I am stubborn or irritable Yes No
    08. I am too dependent on others Yes No
    09. I am too forgetful Yes No
    10. I am too impatient Yes No
    11. I am too shy or timid Yes No
    12. I argue a lot Yes No
    13. I blame others for my problems Yes No
    14. I brag Yes No
    15. I break rules at work or elsewhere Yes No
    16. I can’t get my mind off certain thoughts Yes No
    17. I cry a lot Yes No
    18. I damage or destroy my things Yes No
    19. I day dream a lot Yes No
    20. I deliberately try to hurt or kill myself Yes No
    21. I don’t feel guilty after doing something I shouldn’t Yes No
    22. I don’t get along with other people Yes No
    23. I fail to finish things I should do Yes No
    24. I feel confused or in fog Yes No
    25. I feel dizzy or light headed Yes No
    26. I feel lonely Yes No
    27. I feel restless or fidgety Yes No
    28. I feel that I have to be perfect Yes No
    29. I feel tired without good reason Yes No
    30. I feel worthless or inferior Yes No
    31. I get in many fights Yes No
    32. I have a speech problem Yes No
    33. I have lot of physical problems without known medical causes Yes No
    34. I have trouble concentrating or paying attention for long Yes No
    35. I have trouble keeping a job Yes No
    36. I have trouble making decisions Yes No
    37. I have trouble making or keeping friends Yes No
    38. I have trouble planning for the future Yes No
    39. I have trouble sitting still Yes No
    40. I have trouble sleeping Yes No
    41. I hear sounds or voices that aren’t actually present Yes No
    42. I lack self- confidence Yes No
    43. I lie or cheat Yes No
    44. I sleep more than most other people during day/ or night Yes No
    45. I stay away from my job even when I’m not sick or on vacation Yes No
    46. I steal Yes No
    47. I talk too much Yes No
    48. I tend to lose things Yes No
    49. I think about sex too much Yes No
    50. I try to get a lot of attention Yes No
    51. I use drugs Yes No
    52. I use drugs for non medical purposes Yes No
    53. I wish I were of opposite sex Yes No
    54. I worry about my future Yes No
    55. I worry about my relations with opposite sex Yes No
    56. My mood swings between elation and depression Yes No
    57. My relations with the opposite sex are poor Yes No
    58. My work performance is poor Yes No
    59. Parts of my body make nervous movements Yes No

    If you have observed any of the above mentioned symptoms or more in yourself that is hindering your behaviour, personality, relationship, family or work, don’t ignore. In future it may take ugly turn and might result into a severe problem, it requires Psychological Intervention.
    For further assistance please feel free to contact:

    Psychoactive Substances
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    By helping our son find the tools, the courage and the strength to live alcohol free life, Prabal has given him a second chance. – Dr Anand.


    After visiting Prabal Rehab I was confident that I found the right place for my brother. Within one month, the counseling staff was able to uncover his greatest pain. He was able to share the psychological scar with us while his family counselor sat by his side. In our son’s words “Today, I look out the window and see a future with wonderful opportunity. I never saw that before.” No program, facility nor therapist in the past has ever helped our son achieve this level of self worth. Thanks to Rajiv Sir. – A B.


    When I arrived at Prabal Rehab, I was a mentally, physically and spiritually broken man from 20 years of excessive alcohol use. There I was met by a wonderful, caring and professional staff who guided me through my detox and was there for me every step of the way. With an excellent teaching and counseling staff, I was given one-on-one counseling and group therapy. Prabal gave me a foundation and the tools to build on this foundation, in order to maintain sobriety. Today, I am a happy & sober man. I want to thank to Team Prabal for saving my life, as I was truly on my way to death. – Rathore.


    Hi, I’m a multiple addict. Years back, in the early 90’s, watching my friends take drugs triggered me to take similar substances so that I can also feel as if in heaven. Thus started my years of addiction and I was entangled in this vicious web for 13 long years. Repeated efforts by my family and loved ones to take me out of this web had failed. The drugs caused me several damages – physically, mentally and emotionally. Drugs made me do things, which I would have never done if only I was sober. I could see myself stealing, lying and manipulating…. I was slowly changing into a vile & wisher monster…Finally, as a last resort; my family got me admitted in Prabal Rehab. I was there for four month. The continued support of the staff even after the treatment period helps me to look and deal with life in a different perspective. – Srinivasan


    I am an alcoholic and I started this habit at the age of 17. Within 2 years time, I became dependent on it that I couldn’t stop drinking .Due to this; I have lost so many things in life – financial loss, physical damages, and lost more than 8-10 jobs. As I grew in addiction, I started damaging my household articles and started fighting with my parents. It was at that time my mother brought me to Prabal rehabilitation centre and the treatment continued for almost three months .Now I’m very much relaxed and enjoying my sobriety .I also worked there for some time to become more confident so that I could keep myself and my family happy for the rest of my life. – Joshi


    I am a multiple addict who was affected very badly because of this deadly disease. My life was wonderful with a sweet little family and a good job. I had to pay them all for my disease. I have had multiple relapses and end number of treatments. After each treatment I wanted to continue myself as a social drinker and this wishful thinking made me hit back every time. It was only in 2011 my brother forced me to Prabal Rehab Centre against my wishes where almost I tried everything to get out, even tried to break the doors but all in vain but slowly and slowly after detoxification my physical and mental health started improving, my counseling, family meetings and various psychological investigation were rigorously going on and in due course I myself started enjoying the recovery plan. Days, Weeks and months passed and then after four months I was finally discharged. I gained 14 kg of weight, my skin started glowing, face was filled up and my mind was on a right track. Today I can proudly say that I have completed two blessed years without any lapse. I do understand that I may not be able to get back all that I had lost to my addiction, but at least I can make sure that I don’t lose anything in future! –Arif


    I started using drugs at the age of 19 and was addicted by the time I was 20, my well-educated and well-cultured family background could not stop me from my cravings. During the 14 years of addiction, I could see myself in a very bad shape with nothing other than drugs and using friends around me. But when my health complications hit me hard, I did not find any of those friends to help me or even to take me to a hospital. As a last resort, with nothing else on my way, I had to seek the help of a few recovering addicts who got me admitted in Prabal Detox centre and there I decided that I should make a change in my life………. That was a beginning of a new life. Now I can see myself sitting in a good position with good job, good respect and above all good values. And I have good people around me who can guide me in my recovery. H Shah.


    I am a recovering addict with 23 years of hard-core addiction. I hit the rock bottom and faced a lot of damages such as physical, social, occupational and financial. It was during this period that a few outreach workers came to meet me and explained to me that my drugs were the root cause of all my damages. They convinced me with their positive approach and immediately I surrendered to them and accepted my powerlessness over my addiction. They then brought me to Prabal Rehabilitation Centre where I was admitted for treatment. After a month of medications, rehabilitation started. During this period, the hospital counselors taught me good qualities, right values and also made me focus on recovery. Now I am leading a drug free peaceful life for 3 years – A Paul


    My grandparents call me Babu, I am a 36-year-old alcoholic who has completed his treatment at Prabal. I was working as a Manager for an Insurance company before I lost this job. “My life was hopeless. I was sure that this alcohol would follow me to the grave. Life without it seemed unthinkable. How was it possible to get through a single day, let alone a week, month, year, or my whole life, without it? Still, I was out of options and decided to give the whole thing a chance.”Definitely Rajiv Sir at Prabal showed me the way.


    “Looking back on my treatment, it’s needless to say that it was a life changing experience. A therapeutic community is probably the most intense form of psychological makeover that a person can undergo. It’s painful, it’s agonizing, but it’s ultimately exhilarating. Life seems very delightful now. My choices are clear, and the cobwebs are all swept away. Sometimes I wonder what all the fuss had been about earlier. All the doubts, the misgivings, the confusion seems so silly now. This is what the treatment at Prabal gave me. I know all this sounds like a testimony for the program. It is, and it is very real.” Nadeem


    As can be inferred from my case, the power of the Prabal brought to bear on a single individual can have very positive results. The collective approach of the therapeutic community, where each person is the other’s doctor, yields results that reintegrate a person into society. The isolation and seclusion of the addict is broken and he is reintroduced into the currents of the river of life. G Seth


    I am Nutan Sabarwal. My husband has been drinking for the last 15 years. I tried almost everything to make him stop drinking. Both his health and our family were on the edge of death. It was in 2012 that I got to know about Prabal. I clearly remember the Sunday night when I got my husband admitted in Prabal for treatment. I never believed that he could ever get normal. On my counselor’s suggestion I started attending the weekly family association and awareness meetings. Participation in these meetings gave me the insight how to deal with Alcoholics. Now I am optimistic about our future. I am thankful to Swati my counselor at Prabal, who guided me throughout and helped my family to survive in the bad times. Now, when I look back at the past it seems like an old forgotten story. Today my hubby is standing by my side, now my life is very colorful and I pray for all others like me to receive the treatment.


    My name is Sofian, I stayed in Prabal for five months. I regret that I lost many precious years of my life in addiction but feel jubilated that today I am living a drug free life and pursuing my studies. Earlier, everyone around called me Nashedi (addict), but today they call me with my given name. Hats off to Prabal.


    Now I am away from drugs for the last more than five years whereas previously it was so difficult to stay away from drugs even for five minutes. In these five years, I almost got everything back. Whatever I had lost, friends, family, relationships, happiness, are back in my life. Today I am example for others. Now, I want to help people like me to stay away from drugs in addition to my responsibilities towards my family. “There are plenty of people to give you drugs but only a few to help you come out of it.” My heartiest thanks to Rajiv Sir & whole staff of Prabal. S. Sood.

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